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Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy

Redlands Tigers Cricket Club competes in the Queensland Premier Grade Cricket Competition. We have a proud history of developing young cricketers to make the most of their abilities and talents and ultimately represent at higher levels.

With the increased competitiveness of junior cricket, Premier Grade selectors and clubs are now seeking players that have the skills, tactical knowledge, and attitude to fill the ranks of State Championship, SEY Cup, Paul Pink Shield and Lords Taverners teams. Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy is a name synonymous with quality, consistency, and professionalism. It strives to create a positive coaching environment for junior players through the tireless efforts of its training and coaching staff.

Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy is primarily a junior cricket (children aged 10 to 16) academy focused on allowing each player the opportunity to be the very best they can be. Players will be exposed to training by a variety of different coaches with backgrounds ranging from first class and/or international experience to premier grade and Lords Taverners experience. Sessions will be a mix of technical analysis, skill acquisition, strength and conditioning, game awareness and mental toughness.

The eight-week academy has participants graded into squads of similarly skilled players enabling maximum development to occur - all participants will be graded and assessed accordingly. Movement between squads is possible during the academy based on the coach's assessment of the player. Each squad is mentored by a head coach and assistant coach with master classes scheduled (minimum 3) with current or ex profile players (Heat, Bulls and/or Australia). The participants are supplied academy training kit, shorts, shirt, and cap.

Recent players to have come through the Redlands Tigers Cricket Club as youth players and play higher cricket levels include:

Sam Heazlett - Australian ODI, Queensland Bulls & Brisbane Heat representative.

Marnus Labuschange - Australian Test Player, Queensland Bulls & Brisbane Heat representative.

Jimmy Pierson - Cricket Australia XI, Queensland Bulls Captain & Brisbane Heat representative.

Sam Healzett                                                                                               Marnus Labuschange                                                                          Jimmy Peirson










Other players in recent times to play for Redlands Tigers and play higher levels include:

James Bazely                                                                                           Simon Milenko                                                                                                   Jack Sinfield

Current key learning topics and strategies of the Tiger Academy include.

  • Skills development, batting, bowling, fielding & wicket keeping.
  • Fitness and nutrition.
  • Mental preparation and application.
  • How to trial at representative selection.
  • Turf pitch preparation & maintenance.
  • Cricket etiquette.

The Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy program is available at different times throughout the year in eight week blocks.

For more information contact Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy Manager Peter Ellis on 0405 129 096 or email admin@redlandstigers.com





Redlands Tigers Cricket Academy will help and improve cricket skills, accelerate their knowledge of the game in the best learning environment in Queensland.