Club Update

The Tigers Management Team is pleased to announce the following leadership appointments for the 2019-2020 season:

Men’s Club Coach – Mark Rasmussen

Women’s Club Coach – Luke Haegel

Lord Taverners Lead Coach – Dan Cummins

Chairman of Selectors – Greg Moller

Club training is set to commence Tuesday July 16th and Mark Rasmussen will shortly post the Club Calendar detailing the pre-season.
Some important dates to note:

​07th September – Senior Men’s – 1st and 2nd Grade – Rd 1

​08th September – Taverners – Rd 1

​20th September – Senior Women’s – First Grade – Rd 1

​21st September – Senior Men’s – All Grades

​22nd September – Senior Women’s – First Grade – Rd 2

​29th September – Senior Women’s – Second Grade – Rd 1

​At the AGM last Thursday evening the following management positions were filled. We welcome two additional new members to the team:

​President – Darren Wallis

​Vice President – Paul Lavender

​Secretary – Brett Crick

​Treasurer – Shirley Kritzinger

​Tigers Delegate – James Read

​Marketing Delegate – Greg Thompson

​Volunteers Delegate – Christina Todman

​Clubs Delegate – Dan Cummins

​Community Delegate – Michael Fraser

​Should you need to contact any of the leadership team their contact details can be located on the club website under the “Contact Us” tab.